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Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion, from Industrial into Aesthetical

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Used by the annual year-end festival Wonderfruit, Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion, located in Tambon Bang Lamung, Thailand, becomes the main attraction of the festival through its form, structure, materials, and the fact that this building can be moved by desire.

Wonderfruit festival at Neramit Town-Hall PavilionWonderfruit festival at Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion. (cr: Wonderfruit)

Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion has a giant gable roof that also functions as a wall, with 30 m x 30 m dimensions, arranged by standard steel square tube with 100mm x 100mm x 6m dimensions. Bangkok Project Studio designed Neramit precisely based on traditional material dimensions to avoid construction waste overloads. The roof covers that are in the form of various sizes, asymmetrical, and overlapping zinc sheets are not only for aesthetic value but also have the function of preventing rainwater from leaking into the visitor area. Additionally, Neramit's structure allows it to be moved using wheels and rails to adjust space and activity necessities.

Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion floor planNeramit Town-Hall Pavilion floor plan. (cr: Spaceshift Studio)

For 4 days of the ongoing festival, Neramit became a place for visitors to relax, socialize, and present art and music performances supported by lighting performances designed by Jiro Endo. At night, light from inside the pavilion creeps out from the cracks in the zinc roof, making Neramit like a giant lantern that illuminates the surrounding environment.

Lighting inside the Neramit Town-Hall PavilionLighting inside the Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion. (cr: Spaceshift Studio)

Boonserm Premthada, as the architect, had a vision of how architecture conveys its purpose and objectives commonly. The gable roof shape is an example of common architecture because every structural aspect of a gable roof building is easy to understand and makes sense even to non-architecture people. Visitors can understand how one part supports another and how each element can be connected.

Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion details.Neramit Town-Hall Pavilion details. (cr: Spaceshift Studio)

The architect's vision is also displayed through the choice of materials, such as iron beams and zinc roofs, as the common construction materials. These materials are light, affordable, easy to assemble, and recyclable. Apart from that, it is challenging for architects to deliver the structure's beauty from industrial to aesthetic elements.

Neramit Town-Hall's materials.Neramit Town-Hall's materials. (cr: Spaceshift Studio)


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