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Annisa Fitria | Thursday, 20 January 2022

Nagato, which means eternity, is a house inspired by the owner's dream to have a house with character. Finally, Rasa Architektura design a place to live that was able to answer the owner's dream. The design of NAGATO HOUSE aims to contain the uniqueness of the life journey of couples who experience many aspirations.

Nagato House - Rasa Architekturathe building that shows a different triangular roof shape

NAGATO HOUSE is located in Meruya, West Jakarta. NAGATO’s house design tries to challenge the uniformity of Indonesian house designs, which generally have some similarities in every settlement. With a different shape from the design of Indonesian houses in general, it makes NAGATO HOUSE a building that looks special. Although the design of the house is different from the surrounding houses, the integration of the environmental context is also considered.

Nagato House - Rasa Architekturabuilding in the white shades

To harmonize the relationship between the building design and its context, the roof of the house is designed with an asymmetrical triangular geometry, inspired by the union of two different people so that this shape can add to the character of NAGATO HOUSE from other houses.

Nagato House - Rasa Architekturainterior space with a minimalist concept

With “confidence”, the facade of the house features bold vertical lines with corrugated sheet metal to visually emphasize the proportion of the building and is complemented by large windows. These two features aim to differentiate NAGATO HOUSE from other houses but still look harmonious. White is a dominant color that symbolizes purity, a positive atmosphere, and new beginnings, but in terms of design, white color shows a simple, minimalist, and spacious home atmosphere. To balance the dominant white color of the house, natural brown is used to highlight some parts of the house, such as window and glass openings with natural brown wood frames, several floor materials, and furniture that can radiate warmth

Nagato House - Rasa Architekturafoyer area with a high ceiling

Nagato House - Rasa Architekturaworkspace with large windows

Nagato house - rasa architekturaunified relationship between vertical and horizontal space

Not only a vital space, NAGATO House also has a studio that functions as their business work. In addition, the owner also uses the house as a brand image of their business, so that the design displayed is participatory, providing space for the owner to strengthen the appearance of the house according to the client’s preferences and creative ideas.

Nagato House - Rasa Architekturalooks like a building with a firm vertical accent


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Meruya, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Fernando Gomulya
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