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Katamama | Andra Matin

Madani Matadian · February 18th, 2022
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PTT Family has completed its first hotel designed by Andra Matin. This world-famous subsidiary of Potato Head Beach Club provides its parent company with a different and bigger canvas to showcase its creativity and vision. This is a rare project that involves handcrafted custom work on a large scale. Katamama is a truly bespoke masterpiece.

Katamama by Andra martinthe high and big lobby area

Andra Matin designed and realized the Katamama in collaboration with interior designer Ronald Akili, CEO of PTT Family, PTT Family Team, and Singapore-based design firm Takenouchi Webb.

Katamama by Andra martinvisitor-friendly contemporary interior design

Katamama adopts a contemporary design that draws on elements of the Balinese lifestyle and lush green gardens that reflect the island's natural beauty. The exterior of Katamama takes cues and the practice of tri angga in Balinese buildings—a concept where the structure of space can reflect the harmony between the building and its occupants.

Katamama by Andra martina green garden area where plants thrive

When entering the building, visitors or guests can see the swimming pool and the surrounding landscape because Katamama has a high lobby. Andra Matin describes the downstairs rooms as an 'introverted' persona, with secluded garden views. The vision of the building itself is to allow guests to see different angles of the landscape from each level of the hotel.

Katamama by Andra martinthe bed facing the balcony

Katamama by Andra martinbar area with elongated tables

“The idea behind Katamama is to represent Bali. It should feel Balinese, but modern at the same time. The main concept is 'modern' architecture; the 60's and 70's. It's very geometric. And these days, almost every hotel in Bali is planned with curved lines. It was very unusual,” said Andra Matin.

Katamama by Andra martinthe natural brick wall on one side of the hotel room

As one of Indonesia's leading entrepreneurs, Akili is known for his passion for the medieval look on the interior design, fittings, and furnishings of Katamama that reflect this concept-focused hospitality. The raw brickwork of the walls is highlighted in the suite and wide planks of teak are used for the flooring. Other wall cladding includes solid wood slats finished with rough, pale plaster.

Katamama by Andra martinthe contemporary feel is very thick and comfortable to look at

The main room in the suite is an open-plan design with the bathroom separated by a set of decorative sliding panels that can be opened to make the bathroom part of the main room. Each bedroom overlooks a balcony terrace with a daybed, table, and chairs extending the space, with the same handcrafted bricks extending out from the bedroom walls.

Katamama by Andra martincan see directly the view of the beach at sunset

Katamama by Andra martinlarge glass openings to see the view freely and natural light

Katamama by Andra martin

ground floor plan

Katamama by Andra martinbuilding section

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