Fairytale House: A Beautiful and Responsive Stilt House

Izzulhaq Alfaiz | January 13, 2023

Located far from the city center of Đà Nẵng, Vietnam became one of the backgrounds for Hinzstudio when building a house with a "fairy tale" concept with a calm and comfortable rural atmosphere that can be used as a place to unwind from city life.

Perspective from the front, photo by Quang TrầnPerspective from the front, photo by Quang Trần

Called Fairytale, this house is a residential building that houses a small family and two pet dogs. Realizing so much environmental potential that can be explored, Hinzstudio tries to encapsulate everything in one mass of a building with 3 floors.

Perspective from the back, photo by Quang Trần

Perspective from the back, photo by Quang Trầ

Its location in the peaceful countryside with views of green fields and mountains is one of the advantages of Fairytale House. Through its unique design, Hinzstudio takes advantage of the panoramic view of sunrises and sunsets that can be enjoyed thanks to many window openings.

Front view, photo by Quang TrầnFront view, photo by Quang Trần

Although it is blessed with a lot of natural potential, a problem often arises every year, namely seasonal floods in certain months. Thus, Hinzstudio designed Fairytale House by considering solutions to mitigate floods while overcoming the limitations of 257 square meters of land. Those two things became a special concentration for the team while paying attention to its aesthetics.

Interior of the Living Room, photo by Quang TrầnInterior of the Living Room, photo by Quang Trần

With all the potential and problems, Hinzstudio tried to design Fairytale House carefully and meticulously. Therefore, space is divided based on the proximity of space. The ground floor is focused as a public space in the form of a terrace and parking lot as well as intended as an annual flood prevention, as well as providing a direct view of the landscape for residents when they first enter the front yard of the house. 

Ground floor plan, source HinzstudioGround floor plan, source Hinzstudio

Residents can access the residence through a staircase at the back of the ground floor to the second floor, which contains semi-private spaces such as a kitchen, living room, and one bedroom.

Second floor plan, source HinzstudioSecond floor plan, source Hinzstudio

The top floor has a more private nature that accommodates the master bedroom and the workshop room. Although on this floor, there are fewer windows and openings than on the first floor, this area is like being wrapped in a geometric concrete wall. Therefore, residents' privacy in this room is maximally protected, but they can still enjoy the outside panorama from the inside.

Third floor plan, source HinzstudioThird floor plan, source Hinzstudio

Rooftop floor plan, source HinzstudioRooftop floor plan, source Hinzstudio

The potential of the landscape is utilized to the fullest in this design by providing many openings to functional spaces. This large number of openings also creates a well-maintained circulation of living and natural lighting throughout the room.

Interior of master bedroom, photo by Quang TrầnInterior of master bedroom, photo by Quang Trần

In achieving a balance between the inner and outer space of the residence, Hinzstudio uses only two types of materials, namely red bricks and exposed concrete. Even though it only uses two main materials, the game of geometric shapes becomes the sweetener of this Fairytale House so that it looks so beautiful in the middle of fields and rice fields. The installation of red bricks is also carried out dynamically, making the appearance of the outer and inner sides of the house not monotonous.

Brick material on the façade, photo by Quang Trần

Brick material on the façade, photo by Quang Trần

The harmony of the house building with the surroundings is manifested in the simple mass formation on the rear façade of the house and is beautified thanks to the inward groove on one of the sides.

Façade of the building, photo by Quang TrầnFaçade of the building, photo by Quang Trần

Thanks to its environmentally responsive design, Fairytale House can accommodate all residents' activities and needs without worrying about flooding coming someday. As the name suggests, Hinzstudio hopes that Fairytale House can become a dream home for its residents while aligning itself with the surrounding nature.


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