Echo of the Sea: The Revelation of the Hidden Structure Capturing Panorama of Ailian Bay

Aryo Sumbogo | Friday, 12 August 2022

The beach between Ailian Bay and Swan Lake is famous for its sea views that can provide an unlimited audio-visual experience. Not wanting to waste this advantage, Tangyi Architects then incorporated the idea of ​​'how to respond to nature easily and attractively' into the design concept of Echo of the Sea.

Echo of the Sea by Tangyi ArchitectsEcho of the Sea by Tangyi Architects.

Echo of the Sea is a commercial project that wants to respond to the love of the people of Rongcheng, Shandong Province, for the sea. Therefore, this building not only has a facade like a sandy slope that unites it with the coastal landscape but also a curved glass facade of a mirror reflection that responds to the panoramic view of the sea. It is said that the shell-like shape that rises from the dune originates from two semicircular arcs 18 and 40 meters in diameter, respectively. Then the two arcs are connected and form a space with several levels of height - there are three parts. Areas with a height of 0-1.2 meters cannot be utilized, areas with a height of 1.2-2.4 meters are used as distribution rooms for the building's utility system, and an area of ​​2.4-3.6 meters is used to accommodate space requirements.

Echo of the Sea is between Swan Lake and Ailian BayEcho of the Sea is between Swan Lake and Ailian Bay.

Echo of the Sea's mirrored curved glass facadeEcho of the Sea's mirrored curved glass facade.

Please note from the start that the main function of this building is a cafe which is then placed at the widest end on the north side. Meanwhile, the other, narrower end on the south side accommodates retail with vending machines and children's corners. Between these two spaces, a foot wash, toilet, and utility room will complete the building's functions. All spaces within the building are accessible via a semi-outdoor arched corridor behind a glass curtain wall overlooking the sea. This corridor represents the subtle and blurred boundaries of indoor-outdoor, transmission-reflection, and light-shadow while creating a unique space experience that seems to be separated from nature.


Cafe interiorCafe interior.

Echo of the Sea
Echo of the Sea.

To enter this building, more precisely to the corridor first, two types of entrances can be passed through. The first is sliding doors at both ends of the building. Meanwhile, for those who depart from Swan Lake, there are other entrances in the form of two passages that are inserted into the slope arc. Realizing that everyone who enters will carry beach sand on their feet, the corridor floor is composed of wooden lattices that can effectively filter fine sand so that it does not carry over to the functional spaces with gray terrazzo floors. Meanwhile, for the curved roof which is also sloping, rubber material with a color that has been adjusted to the color of the beach was chosen to ensure the safety of everyone who rides it. Thus, the entire building can be perfectly hidden in the surrounding environment.

In response to the seaside environment that is at risk of corrosion, Tangyi Architects chose concrete as the main material for the construction of this project because of its strong nature. The use of this concrete material has also passed re-confirmation of the size with the local construction team and consideration of formwork details. So that the final presentation of the concrete unexpectedly harmonizes with the natural environment of the beach. The beach and the sea, which are inseparable from this small town and its people, can now be enjoyed differently.

Echo of the SeaEcho of the Sea.

Echo of the SeaEcho of the Sea.

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Tangyi Architects
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Rongcheng, China
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