Dialogue of Architecture & Horses in the Equestrian Center by Carlos Castanheira

Aryo Sumbogo | Friday, 23 September 2022

Located in Matosinhos, Portugal, Carlos Castanheira has built an equestrian center with a common thread that he carries "dialogue with horses". The project is a renovation process to transform the old building into an equestrian center that provides functional areas. In addition, the design of this equestrian center applies the standards of comfort of human and horse space at the same time.

Equestrian Center by Carlos CastanheiraEquestrian Center by Carlos Castanheira.

The challenge in transforming this old building according to Carlos lies in the wood material used almost throughout its structure. Therefore, the team decided to reconstruct all its structures to make it a comfortable closed arena.

The wide span covered arena is the main volume of this equestrian centerThe wide-span covered arena is the main volume of this equestrian center.

The inside of the arena shows the wide span structureThe inside of the arena shows the wide-span structure.

With an area of nearly 3,000 square meters, the Equestrian Center is designed with full consideration of its functionality and response to climate. Because this area is prone to storms, Carlos reorganized a structural program that can anticipate disasters while maximizing function by forming every element of the structure that is sustainable with each other.

This closed volume becomes an arena for equestrian practiceThis closed volume becomes an arena for equestrian practice.

Dominantly wood is the main material for the construction of this equestrian arenaDominantly wood is the main material for the construction of this equestrian arena.

The Equestrian Center provides an external equestrian arena, paddocks, a jumping arena, equestrian trails, and several supporting facilities such as a swimming pool and café for visitors to relax. The café, which is located close to the entrance, stands on a former cornfield with the ruins of a building at the beginning of its construction. Carlos deliberately shaped this café into a canopy that protects the ruins.

Meanwhile, the swimming pool, which is to the southeast of the equestrian center, offers sweeping sea views through its open south side. The beach huts that close the north side of the pool play a role in maintaining the privacy of its users.

Paddocks are part of this equestrian centerPaddocks are part of this equestrian center.

The exterior of the equestrian centerThe exterior of the equestrian center.

With all the existing facilities, this equestrian center hopes to provide comfort to its users. The Equestrian Center designed by Carlos Castanheira ended up being a good dialogue between architecture, horses, and people.

Site planSite plan.

The floor plan of covered equestrian arenaThe floor plan of the covered equestrian arena.


Project Information

Office Name :
Carlos Castanheira Architects
Project Location :
Matosinhos, Portugal
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Photographer Name :
Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
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