Concrete Experiments in the Creation of a Simple Façade of EEUU Building

Aryo Sumbogo | Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Appearing as a neutral construction, having the ability to coexist with the immediate environment, and being part of future transformations, are things that EEUU Building aims to achieve.

Front view of the EEUU BuildingEEUU Building sightings from the direction of the road.

Located in Boedo, a densely packed area in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which still lacks high-rise buildings, the EEUU Building must be present carefully. The architects, Luciano Kruk and María Victoria Besonías tried to answer that challenge by designing a residential building with an unspoiled appearance. Yes, by both of them, the façade of the building, which occupies an area of 277 square meters, is made as simple as possible but still has an aesthetic touch. The aesthetic-constructive system that is the result of experiments with concrete materials then became the solution for the façade work.

Façade of EEUU BuildingFaçade of EEUU Building.

Vertical partitions of concrete that make up the façade of the EEUU BuildingFaçade details of EEUU Building.

This method is believed to facilitate the assimilation of a building with different environments, optimize the construction phase, and save maintenance costs. Thus, in addition to being the main material of the façade, concrete can still perform structural functions such as vertical cores and a series of internal walls. However, in the matter of the façade, efforts to complete using concrete were not necessarily carried out carelessly. Because the two architects wanted the façade of the EEUU Building to also be a filter between public and private spaces. For this reason, the façade is designed as a series of vertical partitions that signify the variety of positions on each floor while protecting the inner space from the street.

The interior of the units inside the EEUU BuildingConcrete remains demonstrated visibly in every interior of the EEUU Building unit.

The space on the ground floor is designed to be open with the side of the roadThe ground floor of the EEUU Building has an open design with the side of the road so that the relationship between the building and the surrounding environment is maintained.

Meanwhile, this five-story building has four residential units on each floor for the organization of space. There is also space in the middle of the plan that can provide isonorization, ventilation, and daylight for the entire unit. However, the ground floor was deliberately left 'open' so that pedestrians could have a direct view of the inner side of the building up to the back garden after the parking lot.

Ground floor plan of EEUU BuildingGround floor plan of EEUU Building.

Floor plan 1-5 EEUU BuildingFloor plan 1-5 EEUU Building.

EEUU Building section planEEUU Building section plan.


Project Information

Office Name :
Luciano Kruk & María Victoria Besonías (Besonias Almeida)
Project Location :
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Completion year :
Photographer Name :
Sergio Pirrone & Gustavo Sosa Pinilla
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