Bloom Architecture Renovated Atelier Kampot, a Historic Mixed-use Shop House

Syifa Aisha Arashi | Thursday, 19 May 2022

Atelier Kampot is a historic mixed-use building located in Kampot, Cambodia. Its Renovation project was handled by Bloom Architecture while preserving its values as part of the colonial center of its time. The transformation is changing the appearance of the shophouse into a modern residence through a more innovative approach.

Renovated Atelier Kampot by Bloom Architecture
Frontview of Atelier Kampot.

Renovated Atelier Kampot by Bloom Architecture
The facade of Atelier Kampot which still show the characteristics of colonial-era buildings.

The main concept of Atelier Kampot is a contemporary design with traditional construction techniques to preserve the historic facade of the building. Bloom Architecture collaborates with skilled local workers and uses available local materials. Wood whose surface has undergone aging is recycled to make furniture and windows that give a feeling of timelessness.

Renovated Atelier Kampot by Bloom Architecture
The interior of Atelier Kampot's restaurant.

With an area of 320 square meters, Atelier Kampot has a restaurant on the ground floor. While the top floor is allocated to modern residences, which are equipped with a family room, bedroom, and terrace with a dining table and views of the open space in the courtyard inside this shophouse. Up to the next floor, there is a mezzanine with a bedroom, bathroom, and terrace. In addition, Atelier Kampot has a rooftop that is only visible from inside the shophouse with beautiful views of the Kampot mountains.

Renovated Atelier Kampot by Bloom ArchitectureLiving room on Atelier Kampot first floor.

Renovated Atelier Kampot by Bloom Architecture
Atelier Kampot's restaurant.

The large courtyard built in the middle of the shophouse building has a function as a means of circulation and brings light into every space. Each floor is connected by a spiral staircase placed in the courtyard of this shop's house. In addition, this spiral staircase becomes the boundary between the inside of the restaurant and the place to live.

Through this project, Bloom Architecture wants to convey that modern concepts can be one unit with historical buildings.

Renovated Atelier Kampot by Bloom Architecture

Section plan of Atelier Kampot.
Renovated Atelier Kampot by Bloom Architecture

Floor plan of Atelier Kampot.

Project Information

Office Name :
Bloom Architecture
Project Location :
Kampot, Cambodia
Completion year :
Photographer Name :
Nataly Lee & Antoine Raab
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