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An Ângela Roldão Arquitetura’s “Stage” in Processing The Functions of Concrete

Anabata Media · July 6th, 2022
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Concrete House is the name of a house designed by Angela Roldao Arquitetura with a box-like shape. Located in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, southeast Brazil this house is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and has a mountainous backdrop and urban panorama. Therefore, Concrete House is a beautiful and functional residence.

(building entrance with natural trees)(building entrance with natural trees)

As the name suggests, Concrete House is completely dominated by a unique concrete material, because on some sides of the walls there are several small holes. These patterns are created with a uniform shape to display the aesthetics of the house. These constructive details serve to provide natural lighting to areas in the house. In addition to concrete, something interesting is also seen in the facade which uses glass material which is also a barrier between the inside of the house and the landscape, as well as the use of blinds that provide a different gradation of privacy.

(natural light enters evenly into the dwelling with wide glass openings)(natural light enters evenly into the dwelling with wide glass openings)

Almost 100% of the material used by Angela Roldao Arquitetura in making Concrete House is a concrete structure, being the main material for public zones so that private zones can be clearly distinguished through a solid concrete structure. Plus, the application of glass is a complementary material in presenting beautiful natural scenery around. So that the functionality of the room in the Concrete House goes hand in hand with the natural beauty of the surroundings. 

(big pivot door to enter the house)(big pivot door to enter the house)

Concrete House is divided into 2 floors, the first floor is used for service areas and recreation areas such as a TV room and a large outdoor living room. In the outdoor area, there is a swimming pool with a view overlooking the surrounding landscape with the Serra Do Curral mountains in the background. However, one thing that stands out a little from this house is the swimming pool floor which uses porcelain material so that the color of the water in the swimming pool emits a crystal blue color as if it were an oasis in the desert.

 (family room with a beautiful view)(family room with a beautiful view)

(bedroom with a beautiful view)(bedroom with a beautiful view)

Continue to the 2nd floor, which is used as a private area consisting of a dining room, a more private living room, toilet, kitchen, office area, and bedroom spaces. Residents can go through the stairs located near the large pivot door to access the rooms on the 2nd floor. All rooms on the 2nd floor are integrated with each other and can see a special view of the natural surroundings through the large glass windows.

(pool area with views of the Serra do Curral mountains)(pool area with views of the Serra do Curral mountains)

(buildings that are open to nature)(buildings that are open to nature)

To balance the function of the house, Concrete House is equipped with a central terrace area that offers a beautiful view of the Jaboticaba tree. On the same floor, there is a concrete wall that separates the core of the house, so that this wall can provide privacy for bedroom spaces that have views of the outside.




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